Hi, have you heard about Super Slide-UP ? If you still not notice about it, well you can see this kind of at the bottom right side of this web site.

Super slide-up is a script that can be use in your mini site or blog such at WordPress and blogger to boost Up Traffic To Your Website or Blog. Slide Up is one of "The Must" in online marketing nowadays as a gatekeeper to make sure your audience keep on coming and be part of your target market for your products. The best thing of it is its FREE.

Super Slide Up is so easy to install even you can't understand Malay Language …yes it's in Bahasa Melayu even though the guy who create it is a Chinese man – Mr Boon. I'm proud of him.

For you whom using WordPress, i suggest you to read the manual page 13 -15 (which for WordPress) and upload the SlideUp.js and SlideUp.html to your server. Just don't forget to change the web site name to yours in the script and to add script in your WordPress footer.

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